The Vocation Planner | The all-in-one planner

The Vocation Planner is designed to make your life focused, peaceful and comprehensive while assisting you in specifying your goals and dreams, big and small, as well as appreciating the little joys of everyday life.

We have combined everything you need in one book:

With everything united you'll only need to use this one book to collect all your plans, schedules and to do-lists.


Udforsk vores kollektion

  • Make sense of your everyday life

    The Vocation Planner will provide cohesion to your life by connecting your thoughts and intentions from a long term perspective into monthly, weekly and daily matters. The planner creates an overview and invites you to reflect on your everyday life, your routines while aiding you to carry out and hold on to the elements your life find positive and rewarding.

  • Keep your intentions realistic

    By combining everything in one place, The Vocation Planner provides a latitude to note long term as well as short term goals including the element of prioritizing your intentions. With that, you'll avoid overwhelming yourself and stay realistic to what you'll be able to actually manage in terms of both career, your personal life as well as your mental and physical state.

  • Everyday wellness brings your life quality

    Our Weekly Balance page creates an overview of all aspects of your life on one single page every week. The page helps you set up a balance and remind you of everyday wellness. Along with the everyday positivity questions, The Vocation Planner will contribute to a more positive outlook that will elevate your quality of life.